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Replace Objects/Groups

Replace desired objects or groups with clones(copies, instances, references) of another object or group.

How to use it:
- select the objects/groups that you want to be replaced
- press the GET THE OLD OBJECTS/GROUPS button
- select the object or group that will be cloned to replace the OLD objects/groups
- press the GET NEW OBJCET/GROUp button
- choose the type of the cloned objects - copies, instances, references
- choose to match or not the position and/or rotation. The cloned objects will match the position of the old objects using its the pivot point
- if you want to delete the replaced objects turn ON the DELETE OLD OBJECTS
- if an old object have instances and you want to replace all of them without selecting them turn On the REPLACE INSTANCES
- finally press the REPLACE button

How to install:
- drag and drop the miauuReplaceObjects.mcr in any viewport.
- go to Customize-Customize User Interface-miauu category. The name of the script is REPLACE OBJECTS/GROUPS. Assign a hotkey, or add it as a toolbar button.

Script idea: Uwe Klatt-Flicka

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